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Indiana Radiator Shop offers professional custom design of heat transfer products. We can provide modified or replacement of a unit not performing to your needs. Environmental conditions beyond the original design considerations can in most cases be met with changes we can offer. 

Application Review

  • We offer our customers alternative surfaces, construction, and materials to overcome failures in performance or reliability due to environment or to accommodate new increased requirements.
  • By analyzing your existing units inability to provide sufficient performance or reliability we can demonstrate where and how design shortfalls can be overcome reliably.
  • All heat transfer products are effected by what is commonly referred to as fouling. This is the residue build up on the surface of the material used to transmit heat from one medium to the other. All materials (air, gas, oil, water, glycol, etc.) deposit impurities on the surfaces they come in contact with when heat is transferred. In addition to forming an insulating layer which inhibits the transfer of heat, this fouling can result in erosion, corrosion and when severe the plugging of some tubes. When one tube is plugged and the adjacent is not the thermal expansion is different causing tubes to fracture joints.
  • Significant improvement in performance and reliability can be achieved if the heat transfer surfaces can be periodically cleaned. Cleaning intervals are influenced by the fouling material and accessibility. Simple tests can like measuring adjacent tube temperatures across the surface of a radiator or air to oil cooler can indicate the need for internal cleaning. Access to individual tube cleaning, flushing ports for chemical cycle cleaning and material changes to allow external pressure washing without fin degradation are available options. Changes in passes, flow configuration and surface type as well as material are tools in design improvement.


Our people, facilities, and equipment offer the resources needed to handle the critical as well as the unusual.

People are the key consideration in selecting the business to trust with your heat transfer service needs. We have personnel with over forty years in the heat transfer industry. Indiana Radiator Shop is proud to offer the advantage of our computer knowledge base of over forty thousand units serviced. With these resources your product will receive the attention to quality and detail that you deserve.
Quality Assurance
Serving the heat transfer needs of industrial clients since 1934 gives Indiana Radiator Shop the knowledge to service your product with proper methods and procedures. Quick turn around time and assured long term performance of your product is always the objectives in our selection of options for design improvement.  
Flexible Resourcing
Indiana Radiator represents more than fifty vendors offering virtually any product design and material available today. 

Example of Design Modifications

Radiator Design
Extend core life by special coatings.
Coil Design
Replacement coils redesigned for extended life, ease of service, and performance. Materials, coatings, method of flow control and optional failure prevention devices are offered to extend performance and reliability.
Shell and Tube Design
Common design changes for shell and tube heat exchangers are materials and surface extension. Finned bundles and shell material options can reduce cost.

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